Discrimination Litigation Lawyer

Many women may find they have trouble balancing life commitments. It can be difficult to juggle career, family and me-time simultaneously. Those who are carrying a baby can be at an even greater level of stress, especially if they believe their work is discriminating against them because of the pregnancy. It is illegal for a person to be treated unfairly at work due to their race, age, gender, religion and health status. An employer is not permitted to fire or prohibit a well-deserved promotion due to any of these factors. However, this does not mean that it does not happen in the real world. It is important for pregnant women to be aware of signs that discrimination could be happening towards them at work. 

Consulting with a sex discrimination attorney, like a discrimination litigation lawyer in Washington, DC from Eric Siegel Law, can help you decide if in fact you are being treated poorly due to the pregnancy. Here we have covered the red flags to watch out for that may mean discrimination is happening to you. 

#1 You are Being Singled Out

If suddenly your boss or coworkers are making negative implications about your pregnancy and their perception of how this affects your work, it may be flat-out discrimination. While many people have to deal with poor attitudes and irritable people at work, when you become the target of statements due to your pregnancy, that is another story. Be wary of just how often these comments are being directed at you, and file a complaint if necessary. 

#2 Your Work Feedback Suddenly Changes

If you are known for being a hardworking and top employee who is used to receiving positive feedback, but suddenly no longer are, it could be a sign of trouble. Coworkers or supervisors may have changed their tone with you and no longer give you the same praise they used to before finding out you were pregnant. 

#3 Your Raise Falls Through

If you were recently talking about a raise or promotion at work, but have not heard any updates about this, it could be a cause for concern. All of a sudden the conversation could have halted or dissipated, where you no longer know the status of your potential raise. If your boss makes actual comments about your raise being related to your newly announced pregnancy, you will want to consult with a sex discrimination attorney right away.

#4 You Lack Social & Networking Events

You should be paying special attention to how many invites you are no longer receiving since announcing your pregnancy. Your coworkers may continue having networking opportunities, even meetings that are informal such as brainstorming lunches or getting drinks together after work hours. If you are not being invited to come along with those of a similar role as you, that is not a good sign. 

A sex discrimination attorney can understand just how stressful such treatment can be. If something does not feel quite right, then it is likely time to consider speaking with a legal professional.