Can You Get a Speeding Ticket Dismissed? 

You got cited with a speeding ticket—now what? The ticket the police officer gives details of the violation you were cited for, when your court date is scheduled for, and may include the amount of the fine you will have to pay for the violation. Your ticket will also have some specific instructions on the bottom or on the back that you’ll want to read and follow carefully.

How to Take Care of a Speeding Ticket

If you were ticketed for a misdemeanor violation, you are required to appear in court. However, most minor traffic violations are infractions. For infractions, you usually have several options on how to address your ticket. You need to take action by your court appearance date, or you may be charged with a “failure to appear” violation by the court. Under these circumstances, your driver’s license is impacted (suspended or revoked), and more fines may be added to your ticket.

If you choose NOT TO CONTEST the violation, then you can:

Pay the fine

If you choose to pay the fine, you will not be required to appear in court. You will be convicted of the violation, however, and the conviction will appear on your driving record. Points might be added to your driving record, and your insurance premiums may go up as well.

Go to traffic school

Attending traffic school may help you avoid points on your driving record. You may still owe the fine, but, the violation will be dismissed, and the points will not be added to your driving record if traffic school is completed successfully.

Correct the violation

If the violation is listed as “correctable,” you can obtain verification from a law enforcement officer or authorized inspection station agent that the correction was made. If you choose to CONTEST the violation, then you can:

Request a court trial

You can appear in court on your court date to delay your court trial to a future time when the officer and any other witnesses can be present.

Request a trial through a written declaration

A trial by written declaration is a trial by mail correspondence. You will receive forms which enable you to write a statement, plus submit any other evidence without having to appear in court. The judge will consider your evidence against the officer’s testimony and decide the case.

Getting Your Speeding Ticket Dismissed

There may be instances when your citation is deemed to be invalid, such as when:

  • The officer fails to appear in court (if the officer doesn’t show up, the ticket is dismissed)
  • There is an error on the ticket (missing or incorrect information may justify dismissal)
  • The officer used faulty equipment (such as a RADAR gun or red light camera)

In cases where there are complicated issues, excessive speeds, and dangerous or reckless driving, it can be very prudent for you to retain the services of a traffic ticket lawyer to counsel and represent you. To find out more about how an attorney can help you get your speeding ticket dismissed, schedule a consultation with an attorney in your local area today.