Traffic Defense Lawyer Cost

When many people hear the word lawyer, many people make some sort of association with money or cost. Some people may be thinking of how much some lawyers charge per hour whereas others may be thinking about how much a lawyer may be able to help them recover for damages someone else caused them.

If you are looking for a defense lawyer for a traffic violation ticket, there is a good chance that you are concerned with how much they are going to cost. The fees that different traffic ticket defense lawyers charge differ from lawyer to lawyer and for different kinds of defense needs, as well as on where your lawyer is located and where you were issued your traffic ticket.
The only way to get a truly accurate price or estimate for how much a traffic defense lawyer is going to cost to help you with your particular situation, is to contact the lawyer or lawyers that you are considering hiring to see how they structure their fees. Many traffic lawyers work by the hour but some offer a flat fee for some services and certain circumstances. Some lawyers may be willing to work out a flat fee for your particular situation but this is at the discretion of the lawyer.

For a very, very, broad ballpark of how much a traffic lawyer is going to cost, in some states, a lawyer may only charge $60 – $150 for very basic representation in traffic court whereas in other states, this same type of representation may wind up costing upwards of $400. These prices likely only cover filing papers and/or representing the defendant in court in a case where the defendant does not have to be present. If a defendant wants to contest a traffic violation, lawyer fees are likely to be significantly higher than these.

The more complex a traffic violation is, the more it will cost to have a lawyer represent a defendant. Traffic violations that usually come with criminal charges such as a DUI or reckless driving, will likely be more expensive than traffic violations that do not come with criminal charges. It is important to consider what is at stake such as possible jail time or loss of driving priveleges, etc., when weighing how much you think a lawyer is worth paying to prevent a criminal conviction happening to you.

Money Now May Mean Saving More Money Later

Spending money now may mean saving more money later. Depending on your particular circumstances, spending money on a lawyer now may wind up saving you lots more money in the long run. Even though you may look at a lawyer’s fees or estimated costs and think that there is no way you can afford to pay for this at this moment in time, there are many cost factors you may not be taking into consideration.
Depending on your particular circumstances, a lawyer may be able to help to lessen the charges on a traffic ticket or have it dismissed altogether. In addition to saving you money from the ticket itself, doing this may also save you money by ensuring that you do not:

– Have to miss work for court appearances and/or jail time
– Lose points on your license so that your insurance does not go up
– Have your driver’s license suspended or revoked
– Have a professional license or clearance, suspended or revoked
– Have to pay court fees and additional fines that courts may impose

In addition to saving you money, a good traffic ticket lawyer may be able to help save you time, energy, and to uphold your good image with family, friends and your community.