If you are in the middle of a workers’ compensation case, you may feel like you’re being followed. You might not be wrong! In many workers’ compensation cases, the insurance company has a duty to protect their own company. They don’t want to pay for something that isn’t really an issue. Unfortunately, there are individuals out there who claim a workplace injury is worse than it is, leaving the insurance company paying for something for years after it has been resolved. So what type of evidence is a workers’ compensation insurance company allowed to collect? Photographs Any time you are out in public, including being in your own yard, a private investigator can take a photograph of you. You may not see them lurking around, as they use telephoto lenses that can take quality pictures from great distances, so it’s important to be careful any time you leave your house, office, doctor’s office, grocery store, etc. Remember that almost anything can be used against you in court, so think carefully before you do something that could be portrayed as something else in a photo. For example, if you have a back injury and can’t lift heavy things, the investigator will be looking for an opportunity to photograph you lifting or holding something that seems heavy. If you are standing in the yard and someone hands you a completely empty cardboard box, of which you only hold for 15 seconds, it could look completely different in a photograph. It may look to a court that you were lifting a box filled with something heavy, and they wouldn’t know it was only 15 seconds. In some states, the investigator can photograph you inside your home as long as they can reasonably see you from public areas. If you are doing something in front of an open window, that may be fair game. Interviews Private investigators are typically allowed to speak with your neighbors and coworkers regarding your behavior. Your friends and family can decide whether or not they will speak with the investigator and how much information they will give, but the investigator can definitely try. If he or she happens upon a neighbor that isn’t too keen on you, you could get ratted out for even the smallest things. Social Media Posts If you have public information on the internet, it’s typically fair game for private investigators. You don’t want to post anything that would seem suspicious, even if it’s innocent. While you want to stay in touch through social media, it could benefit you to take a break until the case is resolved. Contacting a Lawyer Today When you file a workers’ compensation case, you are essentially opening your life up to be scrutinized. A seasoned worker’s compensation accident attorney knows from experience how to strategize your case to get the full compensation that you need and deserve. Call The Law Offices of Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt to help recover the compensation you deserve today.